Disney Partnership! Flashback to Our Disney X Bad Monkey Deal

Disney Partnership! Flashback to Our Disney X Bad Monkey Deal

Hey Popcorn Fans! 🍿✨

Last year, we at Team Bad Monkey teamed up with Disney—yes, the world-famous Disney everyone loves—for something truly magical. We launched a popcorn multipack for the movie "Strange World" that was all about bringing a bit of that Disney enchantment into homes across Canada. Disney popcorn buckets next!?

A Magical Combo

These packs weren’t just any popcorn. They featured vibrant, fun designs and included mini bags of both sweet and salty treats, plus the classic salt and butter combo. It was our way of mixing Bad Monkey fun with Disney's globally loved magic.

A Smashing Success

You all loved it! These multipacks flew off the shelves, and it was awesome to see so many of you enjoying that magical Disney touch during your movie nights.

Looking Ahead

That incredible experience was just a start. We’ve got tons of exciting things on the horizon here at Bad Monkey. More magical collaborations, more delicious surprises—so stay tuned! We’re just getting started on making your popcorn breaks even more spectacular.

StrangeWorld Box - 4 Mockup-min.png__PID:f5b1b297-72c0-43fe-bcf1-fca1bbb03b3c

Keep your eyes peeled; the best is yet to come! 🌟🍿


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