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At Bad Monkey Popcorn, quality is our top priority! Bad Monkey products are locally sourced, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, zero-trans fat, and kosher, making them the perfect snack for the whole family. Distributed to thousands of locations across Canada and available in several sizes and formats this is a safe and delicious snack made for everyone.


Large Format Popcorn (300g)

The perfect size for our true Bad Monkey lovers! These 300g bags come in four different and delicious flavours!


Standard Format Popcorn 145g-170g

Our standard popcorn bags are just the right size for sharing. Check out our top 4 sweet standard size popcorn flavours.


Small Format Popcorn 15g-40g

Perfect snack size for your lunch & when you're on the run! Our delicious popcorn is available currently in our top two sellers !


Bulk Purchases

Can’t get enough? We understand. With so many great flavours to choose from, you’ll want to get your Bad Monkey favourites in bulk!


Microwave Popcorn

Shake up your movie nights with Bad Monkey microwave popcorn and seasonings, featuring flavours like ketchup, dill pickle, nacho cheese and more! Our movie night butter microwave popcorn is the best family snack for a great movie with the family! A snack everyone can enjoy!

Crème brûlée caramel cone


Our 60g Canadian-made Crème brûlée Caramel cone makes the perfect gift for your loved ones! It's vegan, peanut-free, dairy-free, and super delicious!

Family size popcorn

Family Size

Our 1KG family sized bag of yummy Salt and Butter popcorn is now available! It's the perfect size for the whole family (and maybe the neighbours too!).

Bad Monkey Popcorn kernels


If you fancy yourself a gourmet popcorn chef, then look no further! Our 825g popping kernels are amazing for the stove-top or microwave! Make your own creations from the comfort of your kitchen!

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In-Store Displays

All Bad Monkey Popcorn products arrive in display-ready cardboard boxes with clear windows to showcase the product.

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Cardboard floor display of Bad Monkey Popcorn
Cardboard floor display of Bad Monkey Popcorn
Cardboard floor display of Bad Monkey Popcorn
Cardboard floor display of Bad Monkey Popcorn
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Order now our Christmas exclusive flavour


Why Choose Bad Monkey Popcorn?

There are so many reasons to love Bad Monkey. Here’s why we’re Canada’s top choice for popcorn.

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With so many flavours to choose from, free shipping across Canada, home delivery options and more, what could be more a-peel-ing! Shop Bad Monkey Popcorn today.

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