Popping Corn & Seasonings

Our popping corn & seasonings are delicious, locally-sourced, vegan, dairy-free, kosher, peanut-free, zero-trans fat, a great source of fibre, and fun for the whole family!
The Bad Monkey Jar is filled with high-quality popping corn that is great for the microwave, the stove-top or your home popcorn machine. The popping corn will be able to produce up to 1.2kg of delicious popcorn that is vegan, dairy-free, Non-GMO, peanut-free, Kosher, and high in fibre!
You can season the popcorn with tons of amazing ingredients from your kitchen, or you can order flavours directly from us!
For all orders of the Bad Monkey Jar or seasonings, please email us at commande@badmonkeyinc.com!

Seasoning Options

Ketchup, Dill Pickle, Nacho Cheese
The seasonings are available in various quantities. To place your order, please contact commande@badmonkeyinc.com.

Bad Monkey Popping Corn Instructions

3 Methods to Pop:

  1. Microwave
  2. Stovetop
  3. Hot Air Popcorn Machine/Electric Popcorn Machine


1. Microwave

  • Step 1: Measure kernels according to the Measuring Chart below.
  • Step 2: Add kernels to a large microwave safe container.
  • Step 3: Cover the container.
  • Step 4: Microwave on high for 3 – 4 minutes but stop the microwave once the popping sound slows down.

CAUTION BOWL WILL BE HOT. Allow to cool before removing from the microwave.

Add salt, butter and your favorite seasonings as desired. Enjoy!



2. Stovetop Instructions

  • Step 1: In a large pot, add the oil of your choice according to the Measuring Chart below.
  • Step 2: Spread the oil evenly in the pot.
  • Step 3: Add kernels based on the Measuring Chart below.
  • Step 4: Cover pot with a lid, leaving it partially open.
  • Step 5: Turn on the stove to medium heat.
  • Step 6: Shake regularly during the popping process.
  • Step 7: Once the popping slows down, remove from heat & transfer to bowl.

Add salt, butter and your favorite seasonings as desired. For Bad Monkey seasonings, sprinkle gradually to taste. Enjoy!

**It is important to note to adjust the size of your bowl or pot depending on the number of servings you are making. Make sure you have plenty of space for the popping corn to expand, it is best to use a large bowl or pot.


3. Hot air popcorn machine / Electric popcorn machine

For a hot air popcorn machine or electric popcorn machine, follow manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Popped Popcorn (Approx.) Kernels Cooking Oil for Stovetop
7 cups 1/4 cup (30g) 2 tbsps. (30ml)
10 cups 1/3 cup (40g) 3 tbsps. (45ml)
15 cups 1/2 cup (62g) 4 tbsps. (60ml)

In-store Display

All our products arrive in display-ready cardboard boxes with a window in the front to show the product.