Butter and Sea Salt popcorn - Bad Monkey Popcorn's Best-Selling Flavor

Movie theater-style gourmet butter popcorn - everyone's favorite popcorn topping

Our slow cooked Kettle Corn butter popcorn is one of our best sellers! Our special butter sauce and kernels of popcorn are gluten free, nut free, kosher, dairy free, vegan, zero trans fat, high in fiber and low in sodium. Served hot or cold, our butter flavor popcorn tastes just like movie theater popcorn, an irresistibly tasty treat for everyone.

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Product Details : 8 Medium Bags (80g) + Free Gift 

Product Description:

- 2x Bags Big Cheese
- 2x Bags of Salt Butter
- 2x Bags of Dill Pickle
- 2x Bags of Ketchup
+ Free Gift

Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Kosher - Vegan - Nut Free


(May vary because of holidays)

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Product Details: 40 Mini Bags (15g) 


Product Description:
- 40 Mini Bags  (15g) 

Flavour: Salt and Butter

Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Kosher - Vegan - Nut Free



(May vary because of holidays)

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Product Details: 12 Large Bags (300g)

Product Description: 12 units X 300g large format ! Movie butter popcorn in the comfort of your own home.

Flavour: Salt and Butter

Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Kosher - Vegan - Nut Free



(May vary because of holidays)

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Product Details:  8 Bags (80g-170g) + Free Gift 

Product Description: All of our top sellers in one box :) 

- 2 Bags Maple syrup (170g)
- 1 Bag Caramel Crème Brûlée (170g)
- 1 Bag Big Cheese (80g)
- 1 Bag Ketchup (80g)
- 1 Bag Salt Butter (80g)
- 2 Bags Chicago Mix (145g)


Dairy Free - Kosher - Vegan - Nut Free


(May vary because of holidays)


The best, buttery, movie-style popcorn for the whole family!

Why choose dairy free gourmet butter popcorn?

Our butter popcorn is a delicious treat made from the combination of popped corn kernels, regular butter and kosher salt. It consists of popped corn kernels enrobed by a very thin layer of liquid butter style sauce: the two ingredients are mixed when hot, and the popcorn is allowed to cool to create the delicious butter-over-popcorn we know and love. Bad Monkey Popcorn makes the best homemade butter popcorn available online by using natural and safe ingredients: the ideal afternoon snack, enjoy buttery, movie theater-esque popcorn that is dairy free, gluten free, nut free, vegan and much more!

Butter sea salt popcorn - A sweet a salty snack you can't put down


Why buy butter popcorn online from Bad Monkey?

Forget bags of microwave popcorn. Meet Your new favorite snack!

Don't settle for bags of plain popcorn or store-bought microwave popcorn. At Bad Monkey, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in our butter popcorn recipe to give a salty, crisp popcorn that you won't be able to put down!

Our professional-grade popcorn popper machines efficiently pop popcorn kernels to make the perfect fluffy popcorn, ensuring that there are no unpopped kernels left when you open up one of our bags. We also use precise methods when applying coating over our batches of popcorn, creating the perfect balance of flavors for homemade movie theater popcorn.

Our butter-covered popcorn mixture is made using our special butter for popcorn sauce and sea salt, and uses no artificial flavors or milk solids - it tastes just like expensive movie popcorn and just melts in your mouth with real buttery flavor!

No unpopped popcorn kernels, just delicious butter popcorn glaze - Buy our butter popcorn online!


An authentic movie theater taste for an entire family of popcorn lovers

Bad Monkey Popcorn is an excellent buttery snack for all occasions - birthday parties, dinner parties, sleepovers, family movie nights. No matter what you have planned, people are sure to love a bowl of crunchy popcorn from Bad Monkey.


How long does gourmet butter popcorn keep for?

When stored in an airtight container our delicious popcorn will stay fresh 1-2 months. Once opened, our popcorn should be eaten within a week to ensure that you're enjoying the perfect texture of fresh popcorn.


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Why Choose Bad Monkey Popcorn?

There are so many reasons to love Bad Monkey. Here’s why we’re North America's top choice for popcorn.

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